Vitali Fishman- ‘To Russia with Love’

New information from our continuing investigative series on the international arms dealer, Vitali Fishman has revealed that his company ‘Gular Ltd.’ (based out of Cyprus) transferred ownership of this company’s shares to  a senior official of the state owned Russian Defense Export Authority known in Russian as ‘ROSOBORONEXPORT’ in 2017.

This is especially newsworthy given the fact that Mr. Fishman has close ties to the Privinvest company who in turn have major shipbuilding and maintenance contracts with the UK, German and French Ministries of Defense. (Privinvest’s Lebanon based Sales Director Jean Boustani was charged and then acquitted by a US Federal Court in December 2019 over the recent Credit Suisse-Mozambique debt scandal.  Mozambique’s former Finance Minister was also charged, and three ex-employees of Credit-Suisse all pleaded guilty in the ongoing criminal trials).  He also is very active in selling weapons to other African countries including Mali, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Togo, Ghana, and Namibia.

For our readers who just may have read about Vitali Fishman, he allegedly was a key person in facilitating

bribes to senior Mozambique government officials in the Credit Suisse-Mozambique debt scandal of 2018. Credit-Suisse is alleged to have facilitated 2 Billion USD in illegal unsecured loans to the state-owned Mozambique Tuna Company (Ematum) which it later turned out was a bogus scheme.

Over the past few days extremely damaging documents about Vitali Fishman and Gular Limited surfaced from a former disgruntled employee of Gular Ltd in Mozambique.  These documents include a letter (written on Gular letterhead) and addressed to a ‘A. Mickiheiev’ of ‘ROSOBORONEXPORT’. The letter (written in Russian) and signed by Mr. Fishman state that Mr. Fishman has confirmed transfer of Gular Ltd. shares to an unnamed official of the Russian government.

This is not the first time that Vitali Fishman has been accused of being an agent of the Russian government. As we reported in a recent article, Mr. Fishman was recently  accused by a senior source in the Belarus Ministry of Defense of being an ‘Asset’ for the Russian government and that he has strong to ties with the Russian Intelligence Agency, the FSB. Belarusian Defense Ministry officials are angry with Mr. Fishman because they say he was awarded Ukrainian Government defense contracts by bypassing the usual military chain of command.  Our senior Belarus Ministry of Defense source also claims that Mr. Fishman not only bribed senior Ukrainian government officials outside of the Defense Ministry to secure these contracts but also that the weapons he provided were overpriced and of low quality.  (Due to the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine our source did not want to specify which weapons that Mr. Fishman had provided to the Ukrainian military).

To date we have retrieved extensive documentary evidence proving Vitali Fishman and Gular Ltd’s complicity in illegal money laundering and other criminal activities. We are currently examining all these documents and are waiting for our legal team to approve their publication. Listed below are three examples of the documents that we now have in our possession in addition to the above mentioned letter that Vitali Fishman wrote to the state owned Russian Defense Export Authority  ( ‘ROSOBORONEXPORT’):

Belarus Passport in the name of Vitali Fishman

It is well known that Vitali Fishman is an Israeli citizen. What is not well known as we reported in a previous article is that Mr. Fishman illegally obtained Ukrainian citizenship because it is not legal in Ukraine to have duo-nationalities.  Our source at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims that in an apparent “logistical maneuver Mr. Fishman officially renounced his Israeli citizenship at the Israeli embassy in Minsk to satisfy local Belarus duo-nationality laws. Then after receiving his new Belarus passport) he then rescinded his renunciation of Israeli citizenship and received a new Israeli passport”.

Government of Kenya Bank Transfer to Gular Ltd for $999,999.50 USD

A copy of a bank transfer in the amount of $999,999.50 from the Government of Kenya (Citibank Account in the US) to Gular Ltd’s bank account at Bank Hapoalim in Israel.  We were informed that this is partial payment for $3.8 Million USD contract that Vitali Fishman illegally secured by paying bribes to senior officials in the Kenyan Ministry of Defense. The bank transfer refers to invoice 112 issued by Gulag Ltd as well as the reference “Second payment for WEBNIT System”.

Invoice from Gulag Ltd issued to the Mozambique Ministry of Finance for 43,962.25 EUR

The above-mentioned document is important because it confirms a direct link between Gular Ltd and the Finance Ministry of Mozambique.  The invoice (number 0027/1) is personally signed by Vitali Fishman and lists his local bank account details in Tel Aviv Israel with Bank Hapoalim. The date of this invoice is also interesting as it was issued on September 18, 2018 just prior to the time that the Credit Suisse-Mozambique debt scandal became public.

While our investigation into Vitali Fishman continues, we will be informing our readership on the details of this complex story as they become available.  The most surprising point of this story is how Vitali Fishman, in today’s day and age is still operate with impunity by bribing African government officials and securing lucrative defense contracts at the expense of these respective governments’ national budgets.  As our Ukrainian source pointed out the defense products and systems that Mr. Vitali provides are extremely overpriced and of low quality.  For this reason, it is imperative that we continue with our investigation of Vitali Fishman until such time that he is brought to justice.  An example must be made of him to set a deterrent for other like him.  This is the only way to stop Mr. Fishman and other ‘Merchants of Death’ in Africa just like him.