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About me

Vitali Fishman

I was born in the USSR on September 05, 1969 and am a Israeli-Belarus duo-national. Education:  I received an MBA from Tel Aviv University Occupation: Business man – Defense Industry.

Background Vitali Fishman

Started to work in military defense companies in Israel as a Sales Agent. I gained over 25 years’ experience in the Defense Sales industry and now, at 51 years of age, I am an accomplished international supplier of weapons, military assets, Cyber Intelligence systems to governments in Africa and Asia as well as to the United Nations Peacekeeping forces worldwide.


My company Gular Limited, which is registered in Cyprus, has proven expertise in providing ‘Rapid Deployment Assistance’ to countries experiencing social strife and civil war.  Our team of specialists are all former Special Operations and senior intelligence officers from a variety of Eastern countries. Gular prides itself on its ability to rapidly deploy military equipment and assets directly to clients even when they engaged in ongoing battle theaters. For example, Gular successfully provided logistical transport, medical and military armored vehicles, and communication systems to MINUSMA the UN Peacekeeping force in Mali under severe war time conditions. Gular provides Israeli, American and Russian equipment and is, a proud and respected certified member of ‘ROSOBORONEXPORT’, the official the state-owned Russian Defense Export Authority. Gular has provided military assistance to Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mali, and the Congo.  We are also a key provider for Border Control systems in Turkmenistan and Belarus as well as other countries in the developing world. Gular Limited’s future is bright, and this is due to our dedication to Client Satisfaction!

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